Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pulse Racing VS Flatline

Greetings BZF babes, in past blogs I have brought your attention to some up-coming zombie sequels and quite frankly this trend does not seem to be slowing down.  So I have decided to keep you all up to date on a regular basis about new announcements, trailers and even rumours regarding projects in the pipeline.  I also thought I would give these sequels in the making a Mr Vitamin G rating and let you know if it gets my pulse racing or if it gives me a total flatline.

Resident Evil 6 – OK I have to admit that I totally heart Alice and all 5 instalments of this franchise, sure number 5 went a bit off the rails but I have faith in the team that have been there from the beginning to bring home an action packed finale to the Alice saga.  This definitely gets my pulse racing!

Day of the Dead – The original Romero version was released in 1985 and there was a half-baked straight to DVD remake in 2009.  I’m sorry for not having faith in this project but the same team behind the 2009 version are going in for another stab and I seriously doubt they are planning to inject the social commentary and political undertones that make the Romero movies a bite above the rest.  This is an easy one for me – Flatline!


World War Z Parts 2 and 3 – Maybe I’m still riding the wave of excitement from the first film, or maybe I want to see how they can pull out two more films while continuing to deviate from the source material of the novel.  Either way I can’t wait to see more ‘zombie mountains’ and chattering teeth, it’s safe to say my pulse is racing!


28 Months Later – The previous two instalments of this franchise where extremely strong and proved that you really can bring in-depth storylines and characters into the zombie genre.  It would be fascinating to journey basically 2 years into the future from where part 2 finished up and see the long-termeffects of the Rage virus.  Unfortunately, Danny Boyle (director of the first film) feels the impact of a third entry would be lost due to the high concentration of zombie films at the moment.  Despite this, my pulse is still racing!


Bring It On 6 – Alright so zombies have nothing to do with Bring It On, but wouldn’t you love to see some cheerleaders being eaten by zombies while they shake their pom poms?  Let’s be honest, zombies would be the only thing that would save this franchise!  Yep you guessed it, this project would definitely get my heart racing lol!

Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G


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