Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bunnies Galore

Hey there BZF peeps, so occasionally we like to blog about our furry little woodland friends, the always cute and forever wise Bunny!  I am dedicating this week’s entire entry to this beloved creature (and part time zombie slayer) to highlight the importance and value this small compact companion brings to the world.
Let’s start with ‘Zombie Demon Bunnies From Hell’ a fake trailer that really should be made into a full feature, especially with a title like that!  Imagine Pet Cemetery mixed with Scream and a dash of The Night of the Living Dead and you have yourself a whole new zombie sub-genre!
If you’ve been reading the news lately you may have heard about ‘The World’s Scariest Rabbit’.  Not much is known about where this feral fur ball came from, but scientists have stated that the unusual growth of tumours around its head has never been seen before let alone by a pair of youngsters who managed to capture some video footage which you can see here.  Now, part of me feels bad for this little fellow, but then part of me wonders if this is an intentional plot so he can go on a mass biting rampage and begin the apocalypse!
From the scary to the down-right cute and slightly disturbing ‘Rabbit Zombie attack’.  Eh?  I hear you say – this is a video I have added to my youtube funnies list, purely because it is footage of super cute bunnies that has been re-dubbed by someone with an appreciation for my twisted sense of humour.  Enjoy!

Bunny Invasion 2 would have been suited to my games post – but this abomination is an online adventure that is only saved by some funny dialog.  I’m not going to beat around the bush, this is a very basic game about some people stuck in a bar who find out that bunnies have gathered in their millions with the intent of annihilating the human race.  The gameplay involves your principle character shooting bunnies from the rooftop of the bar before they fire poop grenades from their bottoms – no joke…  Only check this out if you’re more brain dead than a zombie after an Ashlee Simpson concert.

It is always a pleasure to pay respect to one of the key players in this blog and we should remember under that cute and fuzzy appearance, there is a mastermind capable of more than we could ever imagine!!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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