Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I Heart Zombies xoxo

Hey there BZF fans, sometimes we like to spoil the ones we love with a nice surprise gift (Mrs K just purchased a sub atomic surround sound system for Mr K’s birthday) and if you happen to be stuck for ideas then allow me to enlighten you!

Zombie Shop, yes you read correctly, Zombie Shop is a mind blowing online shopping experience bringing all things zombie to your finger tips.  Having only come across this site recently, I have picked out a few items which would make my next available gift receiving day a very happy one!
Zombie Boot Camp Experience – All I can say is, someone get me an airfare to Driotwich Worcestershire in the UK stat!  This real world all-out assault offers you the chance to become a trained recruit who joins the fight against the nasty unfriendly zombies that are ravaging the UK (think Laser Tag but way cooler).   Gift Cards are available, hint hint…..
Zombie Dice – Some of you may remember my post a while back about zombie themed games, well here is another game to add to the collection and it comes with a dollar friendly price tag!  The premise here is simple, the 13 custom dice are your victims and you try your luck (eating as many brains as possible) until you roll the shot gun dice and die for good, cool right?

The next zombie gift idea is one for the ladies and one I’m sure Mrs K would adore:
If you’re a sassy lady that’s been invited to a themed party, then why not accessorise with zombie themed pieces that highlight your femininity and your affection/obsession with the undead!

For more blood curdling gift ideas, head on over to

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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