Saturday, 28 November 2015

Real Estate Special - bunkers, bunkers, bunkers

The weekend is a great time for checking out real estate, and these days you can do it from the comfort of your own couch using the internet. Here are few bunkers I spotted.

Army surplus

South of Georgia, US there is an ex military bunker for sale, a steal at $23.9 million. And I suspect that is US dollars. Called “The Facility”, this underground bunker has 90cm thick walls that can withstand a 20-kilton nuclear blast. So keeping out zombies should be a piece of cake. There are decontamination showers, first-aid room, high tech CCTV security systems and outdoor firearm range.

Luxury digs
If you can stretch your budget from millions to billions, you may be interested in the The Oppidum, a sprawling underground bunker located in the Czechoslovakian countryside. It features all the essentials for surviving a zombie apocalypse. Underground there is a spa, cinema, library, and conference room while up top there is the tennis court and golf course. Naturally there are also more mundane things like communications equipment, water filtration, medical and surgical facilities. They boast that you could live in this bunker for 10 years, if you can afford the rates.

It is so secure, even the official website needs a security code to access.

Lucky find
Or you may just be lucky like a California couple who discovered the home they bought came complete with a 1960s nuclear fallout shelter. If that was not enough, this fallout shelter turned out to literally be a time capsule, still stocked up with 60's vintage supplies. No cinema here, just a bunch of old sci fi magazines.

DIY option
For the budget conscious there is always the DIY option and you can take inspiration from Colin Furze, who is a bit of an inventor and tinker. He built his own bunker in his back yard. Basically he put a metal box in a hole, then covered it in concrete. Unlike a 1960 fallout shelter, this bunker is more modern with flat screen TV, gaming consoles and drum kit. Check out his YouTube channel for details.

Bite of more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

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