Friday, 20 November 2015

Apocalypse Hal: Blankie

Everyone should have a security blankie and there is nothing better in a zombie apocalypse than a survival security blankie. Also referred to as a space blanket or Mylar blanket.

Their main function is to keep you butt alive in cold weather but they have many other uses. On Dual Survival they make hot air signal balloon out of one. Team it up with a clear plastic emergency poncho, paracord and some duct tape and you are good for about anything.

The SOL Heatsheet blankets are pretty tough but there are heaps of other different types to choose from. Heavy duty ones, sleep bags, tube tents and breathable bivy bags. Or if desperate, grab a reflective car windscreen sun blind which, while small, has the bonus of insulating bubble wrap. 

Bite off more than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

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