Sunday, 2 November 2014

To Halloween or not Halloween? That is the question!!!

So another Halloween weekend comes to a close and love it or hate it but ever so slowly, celebrating Halloween is becoming part of Australian culture. Each year it picks up a little more momentum with more Halloween stuff on display in the shops, more people dressing up, more people having parties and more children trick or treating.

It also raises a debate each year with some of us embracing this new tradition and those who think it's un australian and we shouldn't be celebrating it. To the haters I say....pull your head in!!! Life is about change and experiencing new things, stuff is not always going to stay the same and if you're not willing to change with it, well I am pretty sure you will be the first to get eaten In the zombie apocalypse for starters!! If you don't want to celebrate, that's fine, hibernate, don't dress up and politely tell people that you don't celebrate it but please don't rain on the parade of those that do.

We are all learning and slowly getting used to Halloween etiquette,  like trick or treaters only gong to houses with a pumpkin or and orange balloon, people are getting better at organising and preparing neibourhoods and people are also getting used to grabbing some Halloween treats to have on hand just in case! In time if you don't want to be bothered with it then you won't be. End rant!!!

We of course here at BZF celebrate so look out for some posts of what we got up to over the next week!

My evil doll face

And if you do venture out for future Halloweens remember, don't get bit

Miss K

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