Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The zombie girl collection

Have you been searching for the perfect zombie inspired makeup collection all of your life?? I certainly have, well for maybe the last 4 years at least!! BZF ladies I am happy to report the search is complete as I have just stumbled upon The zombie girl collection Concrete Minerals!!

The collection comes in a collectable zombie tin by artist Michael Cook and is filled with 6 pots of vegan and paraben free glorious eye colour. The zombie inspire colours include The living dead  
( mossy green), Graveyard ( deep taupe), Blood and guts (rusty red), Quarantine (medium pink), The Vaccine (steel blue) and Nightmare (electric purple).

The best news is that Concrete Minerals ships world wide for free for any order over $50!!! I don't know about you but with Halloween just around the corner this makes me feel like one very happy stylish zombie prepper!!!

So pretty up your peepers and don't get bit!!

Misd K

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