Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bagging Bug Out Bag Bargins!

Preparing for the apocalypse is expensive. All that survival gear costs money. Paracord bracelets, dehydrated meals and machetes all add up. But if you are patient, and get a loyalty card for every camping store in town, you can make some savings.

Here are a few of the bargains I have managed to score:

Now Miss K will agree that shoes are an essential item. However I have gone for something more practical. The runners were cheap but the hiking shoes didn't leave much change out of $100 (my most expensive item so far). They were on sale but the main thing is they are called Taipan which sounds really cool.

I also got some base layers for $20 (base layers sounds so much classier than thermal underwear). Remember that dressing for the apocalypse is all about layers, especially when it is minus 6 degrees in the morning. Not only are they warm to wear but being black you creep around the house pretending to be a ninja.

Grabbed a sleeping bag for a mere $20 in the clearance bin. It has a great survival feature, the foot of the bag is zipped so you can walk while wearing the bag. Great for escaping zombies in the night or searching for munchies during an all night movie marathon.

After much fiddling around I finally put my Bug Out Bag together. The backpack was a $35 special at ALDI. I stripped off some of the features to get the weight down a bit. Also bought a first aid kit for $15 which I cannibalised for my bag.  

Here it is all packed up.  It weighs about 10.5 kg (3 kg being the 3 liters of water) which is not too bad. It still needs more work. Being a true nerd I have created a spreadsheet of all the items documenting their weight and cost. 

The total cost certainly creeps up even when trying to do it on the cheap. Seriously $5 for a plastic spork? But I did subsidise the cost by selling old junk we have lying around the house at the local markets. 

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky


  1. We live in a world where everything is uncertain. One moment you may find everything fine but the next moment, all hell might break loose. In just less than 10 minutes you may find your world is torn apart, with everything being taken away from you for which you have worked for. For me, the usual items in a bug out bag List includes water, food supplies, clothing, medical supplies, flashlights, personal hygiene kit, sleeping bags and blankets and various useful tools.

    1. Thanks for your comment Daniel, we love hearing from our followers, sounds like you are well prepared.