Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shut up and Buy Zombies!!

Here at BZF we get loads of people sending in different articles about cool zombie related paraphernalia.  Not long ago, I was introduced to a neat little website called Shut Up and Take My Money which hosts a wide variety of quirky gifts.
I know you can buy virtually any kind of zombie themed gift these days, but I found a few stand-out products which might be useful when you’re looking for something a bit different.

Who wouldn’t want a row of zombie solar light’s leading up to their front door?  Cleverly positioned in a mid ‘rising out of the ground’ position, I would love nothing more than to casually stroll by these loyal helpers on a daily basis with no risk of getting bit as they kindly light the way.

Lately The Walking Dead has shown us some super juicy zombie kills and what better way to replicate this on a daily basis than with your very own Zombie Plush Slippers!  Just imagine slipping these on every morning, straight after a night of apocalyptic dreaming and visualising yourself delivering the pain by stomping on some wretched zombie heads – touch√©!

If you’re on the price conscious side of things, you can’t go wrong with a Stay Calm and Kill Zombies mug.  This little beauty not only adds colour and dimension to any workspace, but is a friendly reminder just in-case shit gets real.

Practically speaking, this naughty little mummy makes a super impressive gift.  Ok it may not be the toughest tool in the shed, but you will all need a Heavy Duty Emergency Survival Serrated Rescue Camping Shovel when battling the elements.  It also doubles as an excellent weapon if you’re out of bullets or samurai swords and need something for zombie decapitation

So there you go BZF Army, if you have a zombie crazed friend like me or want to spoil yourself silly, its time to shut up and spend your money!!
Bite you later
Mr Vitamin G

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