Thursday, 13 March 2014

Fold Your Own Zombies!

Hey everyone, today I am sharing with you an absolute must-have for any zombie enthusiast!  It’s not necessarily a valuable tool for the apocalypse but it will ensure you never miss a friend’s birthday or even worse your own mothers birthday ever again!
One day I had noticed that Mr Rimsky had an exciting new display at his desk of epic zombie proportions…… A zombie themed calendar!!  Of course we all live in an age of smart phones, tablets and email reminders, but this is one calendar that comes with some extra bite.
'Fold Your Own Zombie' presents us with a unique cartoon style and with each month you have a ‘punch-out’ section which allows you to create your very own 3D zombie model.  So not only do you get an entire years worth of the trendiest zombies around, you can also mark in those important dates like Mr Vitamin G’s birthday:
I have to say Miss Zombie 2014 was a deserving winner.

Not sure if this guy would be using the axe for the right reasons…

Hey presto, it’s your very own 3D zombie!

Bite you later
Mr vitamin G

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