Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Zombies on Parade

Under normal circumstances, if you were to see a horde of zombies coming your way, I would strongly advise you to run in the opposite direction. There is however one instance where a zombie horde is to be applauded and viewed up close and personal!  This week, BZF wants you to feel the zombie love and spare your fake blood, latex skin and hopefully a few dollars for a very worthy cause.

Over the last few years here in Australia, zombie walks have started to gain in popularity as the undead take over the main streets of capital cities and stumble along their merry way while citizens look on in pure horror or pure delight.   To gain momentum and approval in the mainstream, zombie walks have become a great fundraising vehicle for some highly respected charities.

The 2013 Zombie Walk (happening across the country from June to November) will see all proceeds going towards the Brain Foundation, which really couldn’t be more appropriate for a bunch of hungry zombies.  The Brain Foundation do wonderful work in the areas of brain research, disease and injury, so it is definitely worth your time to get involved and march with pride.

Mrs K knows all too well that I like to get my zombie on whenever I can (because I’m worth it) and I am happy to use any excuse possible to transform myself into a ghastly creature of the night and no I am not referring to last weekend! Seriously though, the team here at BZF are super excited about getting a group of friends together to let out our inner zombie while supporting the Brain Foundation.  Our home city event is in November and you can best believe that I will be posting a follow up article with all the zombie goss and plenty of putrid pics!

For more information check out the Brain Foundations website.

Bite you in November

Mr Vitamin G

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