Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Zombie Goggles

Have you ever been to a party, had a little too much of your favourite beverage and well maybe done some things you regretted the next day?  Oh come on BZF fans, we are all friends here and nobody will judge you if you were filmed dancing in your tighty whiteys with a coconut bra on and scored 250 000 views on Youtube under the title ‘Pretty fly for a white skinny guy LOL’ – hmmm never mind. 
Well first let me say that we encourage everything in moderation here at BZF and you should never drink and drive, especially if there is a healthy population of bunnies near your major roads!  Today I want to share with you a few zombie themed drinks that are super delicious but also look the part and will certainly impress your friends at your next social soiree!  To view the full recipe just click the heading of each drink.

Not only does this look impressive but it also tastes great.  I do warn you, the consistency is disgusting – but that’s the point!!  I definitely recommend you have a few attempts to perfect this shot because it looks most impressive when you get the gooey clouding just right!
Zombie Vodka Shot

Let’s face it, when it comes to a zombies number one food of choice its Brrrraaaiiiinnnssssss right?  So what is their drink of choice you ask?  Well the answer is rather quite similar, just in shot form!  Another tasty treat, watch as the Baileys curdles and creates a brain in your shot glass right before your eyes – mmmmmm tasty!

I will ask you to apply extreme caution when making/consuming Jelly Shots.  We all think a bit of Jelly can’t hurt no one because of our fond memories of this dessert when we were kids, well just ask my friend Ricky what happened when he downed 28 Jelly shots and by the end of the night was engaged and a potential father of 3 – again never mind.  The picture does say it all though, yum!!

So please do enjoy the above drinks at your next social gathering, they are quite eye catching and hit the spot in terms of taste, but remember not to go over the top as Zombie Goggles may get you into more trouble than you bargained for!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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