Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Ok BZF lovers hold on to your leopard print panties because this week we have something very special to share with you!  First let me say I want you all to know that BZF got the inside scoop when you see the following name up in lights – it’s time for you to meet Kayleigh!  That’s right friends, the tip-off came courtesy of Miss Sugar & Spice who let me know that this future mega star was in the country.
So here is the buzz, apart from auditioning for films like Harry Potter and the  Da Vinci Code, Kayleigh is now setting her sites on a stage production of the legendary zombie film Night of the Living Dead!!  Upon hearing this news I was A) hysterically excited that a stage version of this classic film was coming to life and B) that I would have the opportunity to meet and greet this wonderfully charismatic young star on the rise.

I’m already friends with her on Facebook and addicted to her Tweets like Miley Cyrus and twerking but I did get a chance to take 12 minutes and 45 seconds to gain an insight into the preparation for Kayleigh’s next big audition, check out my very first BZF interview below!

MVG:  Kayleigh, how are you preparing for the stage version of Night of the Living Dead?
K: Lots of watching zombie movies, I’ve been re-watching The Walking Dead, thinking about if I’ll be playing a zombie or a victim – how I would act when I’m dead or when I’m dying (giggles)
MVG:  So you are a walking dead fan?
K:  Oh yeah I love it!
MVG: Are you a fan of the zombie genre?
K:  Somewhat, I’ve seen the original and the new Dawn of the Dead, I love Shaun of the Dead and I do love all horror movies.
MVG: Do you remember the movie that got you hooked to being a horror fan?
K:  Probably, the first ones I watched were The Exorcist and Candyman but I remember being younger and my mum turning them off when she saw me watching them.  I was just intrigued and I always actually wanted to finish watching them and I love the feeling of being scared, even when I was little and yeah I think that was it, the fact that I wasn’t allowed to watch them and I wanted to.
MVG:  What kind of character would you like to audition for in this production?
K:  I think it would be interesting to play a victim, because I’ve never done that before.  I know one of the roles is a child, and when I was at college - because I’m quite short and have a baby face I was always typecast as the child or the mental patient (giggles), so this time I think I would quite like to be a victim like a survivor.
MVG: So how is your scream?
K:  I do a fantastic scream
MVG:  Oh really?
K:  I really do!
MVG:  If the apocalypse was to actually eventuate and you saw civilization crumbling beneath your feet, what would you do in those crucial first 24 hours?
K:  Now, I can’t drive so I would probably kill myself faster if I tried to run away, so I think my first thought would be to find somewhere safe and just barricade myself in, ummmm and just keep watch and see if there is a certain time I can go out and find anyone.
MVG:  Sounds like a smart move. 
Miss Sugar & Spice:  What scares you the most?
K:  My thing that freaks me out the most is the idea of a face at the window.
MVG: Ok, tell me more.
K:  Growing up I lived in a big house, with a big garden and big windows and when it’s dark outside (but light inside) you can’t really see anything outside coz its dark, it’s just that idea of a face appearing at the window, it totally freaks me out!
MVG:  Any final words to the BZF fans around the world?
K:  All I would say is, keep being creative, keep making horror movies because I love watching them!
There you have it, our BZF scoop on this super talented star on the rise Kayleigh – but beware, if she does fall victim to a zombies bite, she might just come looking for you!!

                          (A potential portrait of Kayleigh post zombie bite)

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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