Wednesday, 6 July 2016

fitness test

I took a DIY fitness test on the weekend, to see how I would cope if the zombies rise up.

The test is from Major Sam McGrath's book, The Para fitness guide ('Para', as in the elite UK paratrooper regiment). It seemed an appropriate and manly enough test for me. He breaks the results down into four levels, Civilian, Recruit, Solder and Paratrooper. So how did I stack up?

Cardiovascular Fitness Test
Do a warm up and then run 2.4 km (1.5 miles). Obviously a good test of fitness but also great practice for outrunning the walking dead. I was hoping to do under 12.30 minutes but the buzzer went off just as the end was in sight. So close.

over 12.30 minutes - score: Civilian

Strength & Muscular Endurance Tests

Push ups are a solid measure of your upper body strength and zombie whacking power. How many push ups can you do in 2 minutes? I ran out of steam but managed 71 (I have been practicing). The last dozen were painful.

71 push ups - score: Solider
Wait two minutes and then do it again with sit ups. A great test of muscular endurance. Plus we all want washboard abs, even in the zombie apocalypse.  I ran out of time so need to speed it up.   

60 push ups - score: Solider

Then the fun one, chin ups (or pull ups). An excellent measure of your body to weight strength and handy when desperately scrambling over walls to avoid the undead. Do as many as possible without letting go or touching the ground. Failed here with a mere 3.5 but getting better with more practice, already up to 3.75!

3.5 - score: Civilian

Flexibility test
This tests flexibility in your back and hamstrings, whatever they are. Being flexible is good, especially when scavenging for food off the top shelves of abandoned supermarkets. Sit on the floor with your feet against the wall. Slide your fingers along the floor towards the wall to a spot where you can hold it for about 5 seconds. Score is the distance between wall and your fingers.  

14.5 cm - score: Solider

Seeing I am too old and lazy to join any army the results are pretty positive. Have to see if I improve in a month's time. 

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