Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bug out vehicle

Unfortunately a little old lady took out the car I normally drive. 

No one was hurt but the smash repair place took one look at the 1996 Excel sprint and said it wasn't worth fixing. Kind of sad really, she was going to turn 20 years old in December.   

So I have been busy car hunting. Having read Creek Stewart's How to build the perfect bug out vehicle several times, I was looking for something that would serve me well in an apocalypse. You know, pepper spray holder on the dashboard, camouflage paint job and extra cup holders. 

For a while I was looking at restored ex-military vehicles. Even found a couple of War World Two vintage Willys jeeps for sale. It was tempting, they are simple, rugged and oh so retro in style. But driving an open topped jeep in minus 4 degrees isn't so exciting. Plus leasing a car means you have to buy almost new. So that ruled out the restored Kombi vans. Maybe one day. 

Buying a car is often about compromises, so instead of the manual diesel I ended up with a petrol automatic. They just don't make manuals for the model I wanted because, to quote the sales rep, 'Australians are lazy buggers'. 

Soon I will be the owner of high tech car with electric windows, reversing camera, bluetooth and other strange stuff. My old car had wind down widows and a broken cassette deck with a chewed up copy of Wham's Fantastic still in it. That's right, a cassette deck.

It will be an interesting journey. One with ipod connectivity.

Bite off more airbags than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

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