Friday, 22 January 2016

The art of eating through the zombie apocalypse

There are a lot of zombie survival books out there. A few are good. 

But a lot are just heaps of pathetic drivel that people have slapped together to make a quick buck (Hey, that gives me an idea).

Then someone writes a book that really rises the bar.
Lauren Wilson takes you on an American culinary journey, while dodging hordes of the undead. You start by hiding out in your boarded up apartment while zombies wander the street. Learn how to use those leftovers in the fridge to make The Wok-ing Dead Stir-fry. Gain grilled cheese sandwich inspiration!

With the fridge empty you start pulling out those mysterious packets hiding in the back of your cupboard. Got flour? Rustle up some No-Knead to Panic Bread, perfect for lazy people. Then it's time for some urban hunting and foraging as your food runs low. This is were the cuisine gets creative with Mealworm Fried Rice (insects) and Roasted Tree Rat (squirrel).  

Eventually you are forced to move on, scavenging for morsels of food in the wastelands. Find a tin of tuna and packet of Easy Mac left over in the looted shops? Time to rustle up some Who's got your tuna mac. Or if you are lucky the menu could be End Times Musubi (spam sushi) and Twinkie Trifle

Maybe you'll move on into the wilds eating offal and nuts. Or maybe you end up in a military camp learning to spice up those MREs. Ultimately you make it to a suitable location for the long haul, and start building a new society. Somewhere like Maine where shellfish gardening and kelp harvesting can get you through the winters.   

There is a lot of useful information in this book, from preserving food to making rocket stoves. Growing mealworms to rooftop agriculture. While American, the recipes are quite varied and include useful techniques like making mayo from powdered eggs and cheese from dried milk powder. Lauren's style is humorous as the recipe titles show - Dawn of the Bread Salad anyone?  The illustrations by Kristian Bauthus are above standard and being in colour stand out against the usual black and white illustrations.

A must for anyone wanting to improve their apocalyptic culinary skills.

Bite off more mealworms than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

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