Saturday, 16 January 2016

Australian Survivor has risen from the dead!

Channel Ten is planning to run Australian Survivor in 2016 and entries are still open.

Now back in 2002 the very first Australian Survivor aired and yes I applied. 

Back then this involved producing a crappy video and posting the bulky VHS tape to Channel Ten. Then you waited patiently for a nicely typed letter to arrive in the post to announce you were unsuccessful. VHS and snail mail, those were the glory days of reality TV.

Now applications are online and done via a specialist recruitment company. I gather the application takes two to three hours to complete. You have to provide all the sordid details of your life.

Personally I think Survivor offers a great learning experience for those wishing to survive the zpoc. It is not just the survival bit, but dealing with all those fellow contestants who will stab you in the back first change they get. Just the life skills you need when holed up in and abandoned shopping center with a bunch of strangers while zombies drool outside. Also good experience for working in an office.

Now I am unsure if I am mentally and physically up to the challenge of Australian Survivor - I mean three hours filling in forms? But if you are, you can start divulging all your personal secrets at

Bite off more than you can chew.

Mr Rimsky

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