Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wheres Wally Zombie Edition!

Hey there BZF babes, it is our solemn duty here at BZF to bring a wide variety of all things zombie to every woman, man and child - literally!!  This week its one for the kids and the kids at heart as Mr Rimsky embarked on  a covert mission to the Public Library!

On completion of said mission, Mr Rimsky left a rather familiar looking book on my desk but one with a zombie twist. Everyone would remember Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo depending on the country of publication), the beloved nerdy guy in his famous red and white striped sweater with matching beanie and unfashionably high-waisted jeans.  The aim of the game is to seek out Wally in different locations all over the world without being tricked by all the decoys who are sometimes dressed in similar attire to throw you off track.  

Now we are presented with the zombie version of Wheres Wally titled Where's The Zombie which takes the same premise but replaces Wally with a family of flesh hungry zombies who are doing their best to avoid your roaming eyes.

Each time you turn the page, more and more zombies fill the page and they begin to out number the surviving humans, making it increasingly difficult for you to locate your family of 10 (yes 10! including two decaying pets).  Obviously this book borrows heavily from Where's Wally, but it's a good book for kids with a penchant for all things gross with some humour thrown in.

See below some of my preferred scenarios:

I might be old but I can beat up a zombie with my walking stick whilst rollerblading!

The cows have gone mad!!!

Some jerk still has the time to hand out wedgies in the apocalypse!!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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