Thursday, 1 May 2014

Play With The Walking Dead!

I know it’s only been a couple of weeks since the finale of season 4 but I’m already having withdrawal symptoms from The Walking Dead.  I miss Carol and her cunning nature, I miss Daryl and his crossbow, hell I even miss Carl and his bad hair.
The other day I was checking through the Google Play apps store and I nearly had a meltdown of Britney proportions.  All you Android users out there now have the ability to play The Walking Dead – Episode 1 ‘A New Day’ for free!! I know, I nearly shaved my head with excitement too, but instead I launched right into the game.

Straight off the bat they say to use headphones to fully appreciate the creepy sound effects of the environment and moaning hungry zombies – I second this idea as it really does help you to get involved in the story.  You take on the character of Lee Everett, who is struggling to understand the events of the apocalypse and who to trust as he comes across an array of survivors.

This game is definitely not like Angry Birds or Scramble which are perfect little time fillers, no, The Walking Dead is a game that will find you connecting with the characters and occasionally jumping off your chair mainly thanks to the excellent voice acting, cool comic like graphics and of course navigating the eerie familiar universe that we have come to love from the TV series.

Even if you are somebody who is not overly into gaming, I encourage you to give this a go as it’s more of a ‘chose your own adventure’ style rather than just solving puzzles and advancing through levels.   The focus here is on storytelling and character development, but beware, the choices you make directly affect your future interactions with other characters and of course your encounters with walkers.

With a total of 6 episodes to play (and a second season of the game on its way), this is truly a great way to satisfy any Walking Dead cravings you may have until season 5 premiers in October later this year.

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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