Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rewind Review: The Video Dead

This week I am bringing you a new segment where I dig up some old and unknown zombie films from the grave.  Most of these titles will be unfamiliar to the average zombie film viewer, and most of the titles will be ‘average’ by any standard but there is something fun about seeing the practical effects, bad acting and silly plot lines.

This week’s Rewind Review is ‘The Video Dead’ from 1987.  The film focuses on Zoe and Jeff, an unassuming brother and sister pair who move into a new house and discover a mysterious TV in the basement.  Jeff decides to get stoned one night and watch TV, the only problem is that the TV plays just one black and white movie called Zombie Blood Nightmare.  What poor Jeff doesn't realise is that by watching the movie, it allows the zombies to come into the real world and do some 80’s zombie damage!

I am pleased to report that The Video Dead does have a few original ideas to present.  For example, the zombies don’t know they are dead which is described as a ‘liminal’ state between life and death.  For this reason the zombies kill the living out of envy and react with disgust when they see their own reflection.

The zombies also communicate quite freely with each other via a series of grunts, groans and sinister laughing which is great for team work or cornering the maid.  Luckily for those with nerves of steel, if you approach the zombies with no fear then you are able to interact with them without getting your pancreas ripped out, YAY!!!

I’m not sure I would recommend this film based on the overall subpar production values, but I did have a few chuckles along the way so if you have nothing better to do, then knock yourself out!  Below are five reasons why you should or shouldn’t watch The Video Dead:

  1. There is a Poodle called Chocolate who enjoys mating with skunks and meets an untimely death.
  2. There is a wannabe porn star that has no purpose to be in the film except to show off her goodies.
  3. Takes one up on The Ring’s water leaking TV and leaks blood instead.
  4. One zombie takes an iron to the head. Ouch!
  5. Who doesn't love a bad 80’s zombie movie??

I'm looking forward to bringing you more movies from the vault with Rewind Reviews soon!!

Bite you later

Mr Vitamin G

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