Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday thought - survival do's and don't

Ok given that BZF has been a bit neglected this week and with the end of  world still looming I thought I should share some do’s and don’ts on how to survive the zombie apocalypse whilst maintaining some sense of style so….
Do make a booking at the hair dresses, been worried about having to endure you natural colour growing through, we'll try balayage! This will make it look like you two tone hair in on purpose!
Don’t wear peplums! Now I know this one might be hard to let go, we all love the stylish flair that a peplum gives to our figures but.. that stylish flair is yet another thing for a zombie to latch onto.
Do get your Lara Croft tomb raider on, now I know deep down inside every girl wants to channel Lara so here is your chance to do so and kick some zombie ass! Think boots and wet look leggings teamed with a fitted jacket.
Don’t wear bright colours. This is no time for colour blocking, you don’t want to sneaking around on supply runs wearing bright fuchsia and cobalt, as stunning a combination as it is, but hello zombie dinner bell.
Do stock up on animal print and neutrals for a stylish alternative to camo gear. I have blogged about this before but I can't really stress this one enough, oh and I love leopard print.
Don't wear stilettos! This is fairly self explanatory!
Do stockpile multipurpose beauty items, you may have to pack light and move fast so will get bogged down if you try and lug around your whole makeup collection. Try a lip and cheek tint, you can even use some as an eye shadow as well, check back soon some reviews soon.

Ok that's is for now! I must go and stocktake my canned goods.

Miss K

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