Monday, 6 June 2016

Random Zombie Travel Finds

Greetings BZFers!

I am now home after my year-long experience in South East Asia. I had some great experiences, sweated a lot and learned many important lessons along the way. 

As you know, many of these lessons were valuable preparations for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse. Over the year my posts have included: South East Asia transport options during the apocalypse; breakdowns on the different types of Zombies you may encounter; apocalypse survival lesson from rural fieldtrips; how to spot patient 0 in transit; Chinese hopping Zombies; and tips on Zombie-proofing any accommodation.

To wrap up my travel series, I thought I’d begin by sharing a few random Zombie/apocalypse-related things I found over the year: 

Thing 1: Canned Gas 
This can was spotted on one of my first nights in Phnom Penh and it just seems like the kind of thing that would be helpful in the apocalypse. I mean, look at Mr Gas. He seems ready for anything! 

Thing 2: Skinfood 
Skinfood is a store in a giant shopping mall in Phnom Penh. To me, it sounds like the kind of place Zombies would do their groceries when they can’t manage to find a fresh human around… 

Thing 3: Neck and Neck 
This was spotted in the same shopping mall as Skinfood. The shop is actually full of children’s clothes, but don’t be fooled – Necks are a classic target areas for Zombies to bite, so I’m sure they’re behind this fa├žade! 

Thing 4: Fly covered corn 
During my first fieldtrip in a place called Kampong Chhnang, we stopped for corn. After demolishing said delicious corn, flies swarmed my discarded corn shells…admittedly there were more flies before I whipped my Camera out, but food waste covered in insects kind of reminded me of the Walking Dead…a scene of things to come… 

Thing 5: Zombie inspired Magic Art in Bangkok 
During a brief trip to Bangkok, I googled something like ‘Zombies Bangkok’ and found a 3D Art museum with an awesome Thai horror zone which had many zombie related pieces: 

I tried to do a cool jumping shot with this, but it was hard with the camera timer. I found a nice Thai lady to help me, but this was the best we got: 

Thing 6: Street of The Dead (Singapore) 
This is one of those times when I did not seek out Zombie related things – in this case Zombie related things found me. My first night in Singapore I was casually wandering around Chinatown and I found this: 

Thing 7: Universal Studios Frankenstein 
On a trip to Singapore’s Universal Studios, I met Frankenstein (the original Zombie) for the second time. We first became acquainted back in 2012 and I was pretty excited to see him again in 2015!

Thing 8: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights! 
The reason I was in Singapore was because there was a week long holiday in Cambodia to honour ancestors (Pchum Ben). But the reason I chose to go to Singapore, over say, Taiwan or Hong Kong, was because this was happening:

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) is an annual Halloween event held at the various Universal Studios around the world! They spookify the whole park and set-up a bunch of differently themed haunted houses and Scare-zones. The show started with an opening SCAREMONY, which helped introduce the event by having characters from each theme yell at you and stuff. Also there was an explosion. 

The first haunted house I went into was Hell House! It was super creepy and hot, and included a few random body parts sticking out of walls and hanging from ceilings. They also gave us some paper which supposed to be some sort of Spirit world currency, and one of my main memories of this house was how amusingly jumpy the girl in front of me was (she tipped me off to the scariest bits). There was also a Jiang Shi (Chinese hopping Zombie) at the end with a massive tongue, although I couldn’t capture it due to the no photo policy.

The second Haunted House I went into was specifically Singapore themed to celebrate the city’s 50th birthday. The line to get in was as long as my flight from Phnom Penh, but the inside was pretty cool - it had lots of security guys directing you through a Singaporean apartment complex that had been plagued by a horrible zombie-like disease.

Invaders wasn’t a haunted house but a ‘Scarezone’ which allowed guests to walk through freely and take pics, etc. It was full of giant scary aliens and wounded human soldiers. It was a very cool atmosphere and a good alternative to the Haunted House lines. It was a bit like walking through a live movie set.

Conterminated was another Scare zone that was set up to look like an abandoned diseased colony. The piles of rubbish bags impressed me the most as they looked all too real…

And finally HUNGRY GHOSTS was my favourite scare zone! It featured the Chinese hopping Zombie, who I followed around as it stalked the other guests: 

I would highly recommend going to a Halloween Horror Night if you ever find yourself near a Universal Studios around the end of October! They even had scary themed food:

And also spotted this disturbing bird-like creature who was on his (?) way to a Halloween themed show.

So there you have it BZFers! Proof that Zombies can be found all around the world! So no matter where you end up in this crazy planet of ours, remember that the Zombies can be lurking under every filthy hostel mattress; be stumbling through any overly priced tourists sites; or sitting next to you on a plane/train/tuk tuk or elephant!

Rise against the Risen!

Miss Ace

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