Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Build the perfect survival kit

Now most survival books will have a chapter or section on making a survival kit. But you know there are so many types of survival kits, you could write a whole book on them. Oh wait, someone has.

Toss away the scrapbooking, making survival kits is the new fad. And its fun for all the whole family with so much to chose from, everyday carry, vehicle kits, bug out bags and boat kits. John McCann is a guy who takes survival kits to a new level, he even shows how to put a survival kit in a bamboo walking stick.You know, just in case.

The book covers the basic components you should induce in a survival kit. The usual stuff like fire, shelter, signalling etc. If you are a gear junkie then you will enjoy checking out all the products John discusses. There are even some items John has created himself. However, some of these cool products may be hard to get in Australia. Maybe you can get away with ordering online, if you really want that CAT Tourniquet.  

There are lot of useful hits, like how you can fold an aluminum foil pan flat, and store it in your kit. It make a good emergency container for boiling water or making roadkill meatloaf. And there are lots of item lists for mini, small, medium and large kits. After reading this book you there are no excuses for not having at least three survival kits ready for the zombie apocalypse.

This is the updated second edition and so contains even more survival! 

Bite off more meatloaf than you can chew

Mr Rimsky

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