Monday, 29 December 2014

Zombies and New Year resolutions

Yes it is that time of year when people start thinking of their New Year resolutions. Something really challenging that they can give up after three days of procrastinating. 

The truth is, keeping motivated is bloody hard but luckily that is where zombies come in handy. They are great motivators. So embrace the positive power of scary zombies to keep your resolutions on track. 

Sure your family will think you're weird (mine does) look what zombies have done for me this year:
  • Motivated me to get fit (well fitter) as I want to be able to outrun those zombie bastards. 
  • Even took some refresher swimming lessons. Now I am just a lousy swimmer rather than a pathetically lousy swimmer.
  • Finally took that first aid course I have been thinking about. I know CPR and how to delivery babies!
  • Organised a bug out bag in case of a zombie attack. It will also come in handy for more mundane things like having to flee because of bushfires, chemical spills and Summernats.
  • Binge watched a heap of TV survival shows. If you want to make a signal balloon out of a Mylar space blanket and pine pitch, I'm your man.
  • Learned lots of new skills like making prison lighters, prison rope and prison shivs. This really boosts your street cred.
  • Had a survival day (ok camped out in the backyard) to further hone my zombie survival skills. 
  • Started taking self defense lessons. Ok just one lesson as it was the final class of the year. Will do more next year, promise. 
  • Researched amazing stuff about zombies, survival and odd things as part of doing book reviews and Apocalypse Hal. Who knew you can farm maggots!
  • Trying to publish a comic each week is pretty impressive too.
  • And I had a lot for fun. And some strange looks from people but who cares about that. 

So ask not what you can do to zombies, but what zombies can do for you! Be terrified and stay motivated in 2015. 

And if you fail with your resolutions in the first week of 2015, don't worry. There is about eight "new years" every year (like the Chinese New Year) so just try again. 

All the best for 2015. 

My Rimsky

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