Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Beauty tips for the apocalypse

You all know how important I think it will be to keep looking good long after everything has gone to hell and zombies are roaming the earth looking for us to snack on! Us girls are going to just have to learn how to be a bit more inventive and possibly get familiar with some farming or gardening techniques despite the risk of a chipped nail! Here are some ways you can use produce that you raise or grow yourself to keep your skin at its best. Oh and best pack a mortar and pessel in your bug out bag!

Grapes - mash up a handful and retain the juice and then apply the juice to your crows feet and other fine lines around the eyes and lips. Do this a few times a week and you won't need that chemical peel.

Mint - pound up some mint leaves and then apply this mixture underneath your eyes, then sit back and relax for 20 this somewhere secure though because having a zombie sneak up and start noshing on your neck is not relaxing!! The mint mixture will take away your puffy dark circles created by all those sleepless nights on watch.

Eggs - keeping chickens is going to be a must as they will provide you with a regular protein source which is vital for healthy hair, skin and nails but there are a few other ways you can use eggs too. A beaten up yoke applied to your hair makes and excellent protein treatment. Apply the egg whites around your eyes for 15 minutes and then wash off to help reduce puffiness and if you can get hold of some corn startch in a raid then mix this with the whites into a paste to apply to your face to tighten up those pores. 

Strawberries - these little gems are not only good for you but will form a valuable part of your new world routine. To keep you skin exfoliated just cut one in half and rub over your face and neck area, you will feel a tingle so let it do it's thing for a bit and then rinse. You can also rub the half strawberry on your lips and cheeks to create a pretty stain and get some colour. Also just eating these babies regulary will help keep your teeth white or mix with bicarbonate soda if you can get any to make a whitening toothpaste.

So time to get those hands dirty and don't get bit!

Miss K

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