Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Squirrel Sausages

I assume we are all aware of the culinary difficulties we are going to face once we’re running for our lives from zombie hordes. It's probable we'll need to regress to our hunter-gatherer ways in order to survive. While this should keep us well-fed and healthy, the BZF crew is bound to have serious meat cravings. We have therefore been researching the most interesting ideas for home cooking, apocalypse style, for the most resourceful and creative survivors.

Mr Rimsky, the renowned survivalist and self-sufficiency expert, has lent us excerpts from his very own Home Sausage Making guidebook, which is sure to satisfy even the most carnivorous BZF fan with genuine sausage recipes using Bear, Moose and even Dove meat.

My personal favourite however, is an actual (tried and tested) recipe for Squirrel Sausages! The recipe recommends 2 to 3 squirrels (good luck catching those!) and even goes so far as to suggest that they’re delicious with honey-mustard sauce.

I know you’re intrigued, but you’ll have to find the book yourself if you’d like to try it! If you stumble across any other interesting road kill recipes, let us know!

You only bite once.

Miss Kohopop

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