Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Beekeeping - a skill for apocalyptic life

So however your planning to keep out of the way of the hungry hordes when the zombie apocalypse goes down, whether it be keeping out of harm’s way by living amongst the roof tops, a remote farm, jail or barricading yourself your own little town Governor style, you best make sure there is room for some bee hives and get working on those bee keeping skills!

Why you ask... Well the answer is simple ...honey!! That's right my BZF friends, honey will be liquid gold in the dark apocalyptic times. Apart from the fact there is going to be no sugar for you tea, honey has a number of uses including many of those that will tick a lot of boxes for those not willing to give up on their beauty regime! 

So here is how honey can help you make your way through the end of the world in style!

Acne – honey’s anti-bac properties make it a great cleanser for acne, so not only fight undead but use honey to fight off spots too.

Scars – you’re bound to pick up a scar here and there from a run in with other survivors so take advantage of honey’s natural bleaching effect to fade them away.

Moisturiser – run out of Nivea Crème and a raid has failed to find any left on the planet, well don’t stress, honey is soothing and hydrating so just wack on a honey mask and you won’t have to worry about dry flaky apocalyptic skin that could leaving you as dead looking as the zombies.

Hair conditioner and lightener – think you have to spend the rest of your post-apocalyptic life with bad hair and regrowth? Well think again! Honey is softening and moisturising for your hair too and the bleaching effect means that a weekly honey rinse wiill keep your locks shiny and your regrowth under control.
Hair removal – Just because you will be fighting for survival does not mean that you have to spend the rest of your days sporting long camo plants to cover your hairy legs, get the shorts out lady’s, get into your bathers even as honey can be used in place of wax!
So there you have it, I for one will be taking up beekeeping as soon as I have finished doing my hair!!
Slap on some honey and don't get bit!

Mrs K

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